Sticky: Photoshop CS4

Photoshop Flash Panels
At Photoshop Exchange you can get Flash Panels to add panels to Photoshop CS4

Adobe Configurator
Make panels (palettes) for use in Adobe Photoshop CS4
Must have Adobe AIR installed to use Adobe Configurator

To install:
Extension Manager should be installed with Photoshop CS4, check at “Start – All Programs – Adobe”
1. Double-click the Tools-Explod.mpx file. Adobe Extension Manager CS4 (installed with Photoshop CS4) will open.
2. Accept the extension disclaimer.
3. Adobe Extension Manager CS4 will show the All Tools extension as enabled in Photoshop CS4.
4. Close Extension Manager.
To use: 1. Inside Adobe Photoshop CS4, choose Window> Extensions> All Tools to make the panel visible.
May need to restart Photoshop after first use of new panel if it dosen’t work

All panel icons work, it takes you to that tool. Not just a cheat sheet.

Download All Tools Alpha

Download All Tools Explode


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